From the recording Audience of One


I don’t have many friends it seems
But I got these unrequited dreams
They hold me closely when I’m lost
It’s the strangest way to pay that cost

I never know what time it is
When I’m caught up in a reminisce
They tell me it’ll be all right
Hand me a bottle of that bitter wine

While I play for this audience of one
I hope that I can figure out what I’m doing here
Before any damage is done
See if I take my time I might avoid the crime
of offending everyone
We’ll always have each other, me and my audience of one

I may not have a lot of time
But this weary soul for now is mine
It may be rusted ripe with age
But its free from it’s unbridled cage

So it don’t take a lot of nerve
For me to do something that seems absurd
And appear to walk away with ease
In lieu of living down on bleeding knees

Because I can play for an audience of one
I don’t think that I’ll figure out where they’re going to
Before the abandoning’s done
So I’ll just sit right there in that busted chair
Avoiding everyone
We’re in this thing together, me and my audience of one

Why am I so damn good at letting everybody down
I don’t know I just always seem to find myself
With my head in the heavy clouds
And my feet down here on shaky ground
Now I don’t have a lot to do
With many people but the rarest few
The ones that understand these eyes
Have seen their share of many stormy skies

But the clouds they seem so beautiful
My stomach’s empty but my heart is full
This appetite for sugar coated pain
It brings me sunshine in the midst of rain

But I'll be fine right here with this audience of one
I don’t need no one pretending to hold me up
It’s like a criminal holding a gun
And I’ve got lots of space in this forgotten place
I don’t need these tangled webs unspun
All I ever needed was an audience of one
Yeah all I ever wanted was this audience of one