From the recording Audience of One


I just found out that the admiralty
in lieu of others offered me
a fleet of men two ships
and one chance to clear my name
Oh my sweet Jane you're as strong as stone
this is the last time I'll leave you all alone
see it's for legacy, for the glory,
for the fame

Lady Jane please take my hand
they're sending me to far off lands
While I'm here I'll hold you tight
but when I'm gone girl please don't cry
How far we'll go I cannot say
through dark cold nights and bitter days
These masts have never gone so far
to try to catch a northern star

We depart on the river Thames
129 strong and able men
enough rum and food to lift our moods
when our patience is running thin
From Greenland through the Disko Bay
from the crow's nest clear
these channels running late
But these calm seas mean a heavy winter
is setting in

Lady Jane don't hold your breath
assume defeat or icy death
take heed not what those papers say
girl just look back on our wedding day
When I return I'll hold you tight
we'll sit under a starry night
Our legacy known near and far
as we look upon a northern star

Now this ice is holding fast
these stores of tainted food ain't gonna last
But hark I see some land out there
and a life that's much less debonair
But when I return it will resound
from east to west in every town
how nobody's gone quite so far
to try to catch a northern star

The food grows thin and the ice grows thick
the men are tired and some are sick
Now with my hat in hand I watch
so many good men die
My sweet Jane please don't look for me
for you'll find nothing here but angry sea
Now for your love I'll toll this bell
one last time

Lady Jane your head in hand
all the way back in Van Diemens Land
This icy grip a distant shore
those bitter winds I'll feel no more
How far we went I cannot tell
to ride Erebus to the depths of hell
they said we'd never go so far
to try to catch a northern star
No I never thought I'd go this far
and finally get my northern star...