New EP!

We're excited to announce that Sunny's New EP 'Little Things' releases digitally July 31st! Read all about it below. 

July 2020

DURANGO, CO (July 20, 2020) - Americana artist Sunny Gable announces the release of her new self-produced EP, Little Things, on July 31st. Written in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Little Things is a simple reminder to find beauty in the midst of all that life throws at you.

The album Little Things was conceived shortly after the pandemic hit the United States and musicians were realizing we were not going to be playing shows or festivals any time soon. Like many artists, I slowly came to terms with the fact that the changes we were seeing were not temporary. So in the spirit of forging on despite difficult circumstances, I decided to record and produce an EP of songs that were written right before and during quarantine. Having lost all income, it was necessary to learn to produce my own music, and doing so has opened up world of possibilities, turning a negative into a positive. The title track speaks to my state of mind while creating this album – finding the beauty in the little things in life can bring much needed joy in the darkest times. - Sunny Gable

The five-track EP starts with the title song “Little Things”, a gentle breeze that reflects on living in the moment and appreciating life for what it is and what we have. Written the day after legendary songwriter John Prine died, Gable says, “it got me thinking about how quickly our legacy can be cut short and our friends and family left with a gaping hole in their heart.” Similarly, the following song “Seventeen” is another reflection on life providing a relatable retrospective moment on how hard life used to seem as a teenager despite how simple things were in reality. “Nevermind The Moon” is a song of acceptance and showcases Gable’s beautiful string arrangements against the quintessential acoustic-folk backdrop. “Love Me Not” follows - a personal favorite of Gable’s. “I wrote this song for my daughter,” says Gable. With lyrics comprising a cautionary tale, Gable explains, “In this song I recall, in an abbreviated sense, the world of dating and being led on by someone you weren’t even sure you were into. I’ve watched my daughter date and am reminded of my own difficulties in the world of looking for love.” The closing track, “Crooked Lines”, is a soothing song that imparts a sense of connectivity - between two people, but also amongst all aspects that create and maintain life on Earth. Overall, Little Things is the perfect culmination of the simple acoustic Americana music that Gable is becoming known for throughout Colorado. Her musicality and songwriting abilities shine in this self-produced album that takes us deeper into Gable’s vault of personal stories.